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HUMPH / Tribute Albums
Schlippenback ONJ Ivo Perelman
Alex von Schlippenbah
Light Blue
Monk Mingus Ellington
Ivo Perelman
Blue Monk Variations
David Mengual Graschaire-Goualch Duo Paul Motian
David Mengual
Valérie Graschaire
Pierre-Alain Goualch Duo
Honky Monk Woman
Paul Motian
Monk in Motian
Tommy Flanagan Gemini Gemini Andy Summers
Tommy Flanagan
Gemini Gemini
The Flavors of
Thelonious Monk
Andy Summers
Green Chimneys
Monk by Five Steve Duke/Joe Pinzarrone Larry Gales
Monk by Five
Steve Duke/Joe Pinzarrone
Monk by 2
Larry Gales
A Message From Monk
Jan Kaspersen Anthony Brown
Per Henrik Wallin Trio
Jan Kaspersen Trio
Memories of Monk
Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra
Monk's Moods
Miya Masaoka Seffer / Kessler / Mechali / Gritz The ICP orchestra
Miya Masaoka Trio
Monk's Japanese Folk Song
4 Monk
The ICP orchestra
Plays Nichols and Monk
Charlie Rouse Marc Buronfosse Sonny Fortune
Charlie Rouse
Marc Buronfosse Quartet
Sonny Fortune
Four in One
Jan Marek John Law Soesja Citroen
Jan Marek
CD-Rom Monk
John Law Trio
The Onliest
Pictures from a
Monk Exhibition with
artwork by Melanie Day
Soesja Citroen
Sings Thelonious Monk
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